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The 10th Annual Summer of Giles invites you....

Dear Buffy/Giles fans,

It's the 10th year it's been going and it's time again for Summer Of Giles! We hope you'll come and celebrate the summer with us, and bring along some great Buffy/Giles icons (or graphics) to do so! Yes, you read that right, it's summer again (or becoming summer in this hemisphere) and it's time to dust your favorite stories of Giles off, pull your favorite media of Giles out, get your favorite music of Giles playing, and pick a day (or two).

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You're invited to the 2008 Season of Summer of Giles!

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Hello Buffy/Giles writers and artists!  elizabuffy and I would like to excitedly invite you to participate in the 2008 season of summer_of_giles!  It's a two-month celebration of our favorite watcher (and this is our third year as a lj comm)!  We would dearly love to have contributions of the Buffy/Giles kind, so please come on over, check us out, and if you like, choose a date.
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beegee_icontest closed

Hi guys.  I've got some sad news.  Due to RL committments, beegee_icontest is going to close it's contests.  Both scratchingpost1 and I want to thank every one of you who particpated (be it via voting, iconing, or simply encouraging others) in the comm.  It's been great fun, and perhaps someday will be again.  Until then, may all your graphics be beautiful and may the B/G love be always yummy!

if you are interested in modding the contest in the future,
please comment to this post
we'd like nothing better than to have someone carry on the fun