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Buffy/Giles Icon Contest

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Welcome to beegee_icontest. Due to RL commitments, this comm is currently closed. If you would like to sign up to moderate in the future, please comment here

This is an icon contest comminity for those who love Buffy and Giles. Each week a challenge will be posted, and members may submit icons in a comment to the post. Challenges will focus on Buffy, Giles or Buffy/Giles.

1. Post entries as a comment to the screened post.
2. Icons (and/or other artwork) must follow the LJ standards.
3. Icons (and/or other artwork) must be original and made by the person submitting it.
4. Do not post your icon(s)/artwork anywhere else until voting is finished.
5. Please give credit if you use any brushes, bases, etc.
6. Do not create/use "dummy" LJ accounts to vote for your own icon.
~ additional rules will be posted with each challenge.

our links
faq . x (for other frequently asked questions)
sharable icons . x (from previous contests)
screencaps . x / x / x / x
banner manip . wickedfox
banner&layout . katekat1010

allthejellies . ripping_icons
_smiletime_ . ba_stillness
charmed_stills . hermione_stills
katew_stillness . willowstillness

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